Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm a Ring Finger!

While checking out Andrea's blog at The Paper Purse I found this little quiz that intrigued me. Which finger are you? LOL I'm the ring finger! I'm sporting my huge diamond ring (well.....not so "huge" but big enough for

Go ahead & take the's only 5 questions. And tell me which finger you are & be "nice" naughty fingers here or finger pointing....LOL

You Are a Ring Finger

You are romantic, expressive, and hopeful. You see the best in everything.

You are very artistic, and you see the world as your canvas. You are also drawn to the written word.

Inventive and unique, you are often away in your own inner world.

You get along well with: The Pinky

Stay away from: The Index Finger


Nora said...

Shoulda known...I'm a ring finger,too! *LOL* I love those quizes - thanx Sis!
{smoochies from a distance since I'm germy with this cold...}

Andrea said...

Great quiz! I too am a ring finger :)