Monday, May 3, 2010

Copic Ciao Number TUT

This is my very first blog TUTorial so please be gentle………………

Let me start off by saying that I ♥love♥love♥love♥ my Copic markers!!! I have a total of 84 of these beauties both Ciao & Sketch but since the Ciao's are the least expensive I have more of them. The only thing I don’t like about the Copic Ciao markers is that they don’t have the color number on the end of the marker barrel as they have on the Copic Sketch markers therefore I decided to create my own. And this is how I did it.
(***scroll down to the bottom of this post to see a picture of the barrel ends of the Sketch & Ciao markers...........the picture is clickable to get a closer view.)

Supplies needed:
Sticker paper or Address Labels
Computer and Printer
1/4" Hole Punch (this is the standard size round hole punch)
Corsage Pin

♥♥♥First you will print the Ciao color numbers you need onto the labels or sticker paper……leaving enough space around each number to fit inside your hole punch. I used the font Calibri font size 8 for most of the color numbers. I used 7.5 for the larger numbers like RV000 so they would fit inside the punched circle.

♥♥♥Then hole punch the number…….centering the number in the hole (turn the punch over so you can see what you’re doing). Then hold the little circle you’ve just punched out in your fingertips (you may need to use the corsage pin to gently push the circle out of the punch) & using the tip of the corsage pin….gently fold back the edge of the sticker & slip the pin tip in between the layers. The backing will come right off. The sticky number circle will stick to the pin & you can ease it onto the end of the marker. Use your finger or fingernail to tap it in place. And voila! There ya go!!! Easy peasy!!!

I suppose you could use a medium to cover the number once it’s attached to the marker………like a protective covering but I didn’t think it was necessary since my markers are guarded very carefully. LOL

I store my Copics in this pretty "luggage" style box from Michael’s......(love these lovely containers for storing my crafts). Inside I have 2 clear storage boxes I purchased at Joann’s crafts. They have built-in dividers to store the Copic color families perfectly. When I tip the box I can see all of my numbers now. No problems in searching for a certain Copic Ciao marker. ( I chose to put the numbers on BOTH ends of my Ciao markers so I could see them on either side of the clear boxes……….but you could just do one marker end.) This box also holds my ink refills.

On a side note: I keep my skin & hair color Copics that I use the most in this separate little plastic photo box (also from Michael’s). (I don't use the blue markers for hair or skin........LOL......that's just to show the difference between the Sketch & Ciao markers.........and to show you the little round circle I made.) I have more of these little boxes so when I'm working on a project (like coloring my cute little Tildas) I have all the markers I'm using at my fingertips. It also helps me to remember which colors I used in my project before I return them to their other little "home".

♥I sure hope this TUT helps you. If you have any questions or don’t understand something, please email me.♥

Huggies & Blessings ~♥♥♥~


Leslie - The Addicted One said...

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this. I have all the Ciaos and yes I bought them to save $$, but they're a pain. Not anymore, thanks to you! I will do what you suggested. Again, thank you taking the time to tell us.

Barb Hardeman said...

Thank you so much Sharron for taking the time to put this out. I have quite a few (36) Ciao markers and it drives me crazy no to see the number of the color. I've heard about using the address labels, but I didn't know what size to make the printing. Again, thanks for sharing your expertise...

charlene aka scrappygma said...

Sis you did a great job and thanks for letting me know just how to do it I will be getting mine marked here soon.
Awesome job !

ultraroyale said...

Thanks for doing the TUT. I have nothing but sketches but this will help a lot of my friends. Thanks for sharing.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!
Bob L.

ImaYaYa said...

Great tut!!!

Barb F said...

Good job explaining! I use those little boxes for my Tilda and Edwin stamps. I like your idea of putting the ones you are using so you can write it down in the little box! Hugs, Barb F

Lori said...

Thank you for your hard work doing this tut for us, Sharron! I also have some ciaos, but haven't marked them yet. It is so frustrating trying to find the right one! Great idea - gotta do this : )
Love and hugs ~

cabio's craft corner said...

That is such a great sharing Sharron. Thanks so much :-D