Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sooooo....whatcha think?

*****Another Update: LOL Now I've gone with the matching header from Plumrose Lane. I couldn't resist that cute little bird. I'm just a sucker for birds & birdcages. LOL I love it! Thanks, Sharon!!!!!

***UPDATE:  LOL  Okay........I did it again!  LOL  I found a beautiful background from Plumrose Lane that goes with my new header beautifully.  (I think so anyway)  You know how we girls love to change our minds.......just like our shoes.  LOL  So I hope you like the change. The other background was beautiful but I wanted a big more graphics to lend interest to the pages. 

LOL  I know.........I know..........what do I think about what???????  There's no card to share today sooooo..........what could it be.  hhhmmmmm...........well................whatcha think about my new blog design?  LOL  I just got a new monitor (thanks hubby) to replace my ancient of days one from waaaay back in the day (it was kind of embarrassing for others to see....hahaha).  Well after hooking up my new....much larger monitor I was NOT happy with the looks of my blog.  It just didn't "feel right".........KWIM.  Soooooooo.........the search was on!   I went on a hunting expedition & I found this beautiful background from Dotty Dot Dot.  I fell in love with it the second I laid eyes on it.  It screamed PICK ME ME ME!!!  I absolutely love the vintage feel to the pretty soft flowers & lovely color as well as the soft pretty glittery border.  (you know how we girls luv our blingity bling  I also love that the design doesn't overpower everything else.
Anywho.....since the matching header was plain I needed to fancy it up with my blog name & some images in my Photo Shop Elements program.  The font I used for my blog name is called 'Precious'.  Lace trim is from Heritage Scrap's 'Sentimental' kit by Adelina.  I've had the birdie images forever. I snagged them from the web a long long time ago (if you know where they came from please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due).....isn't it just the sweetest thing.  I added some vintage flowers from Crafty Secrets Creating with Vintage Patterns CD #1 and voila.  Here it is.  Easy Peasy.  And so easy on the eyes.

Well thanks for listening to me blather on about my new digs.  I you????  Be kind!  LOL

Until next time...............

Huggies & Sweet Blessings ~♥♥♥~


Cyndi - YaYa said...

Sharron.. you always do such a good job on your blog! I love the new look.. might need your help one of these days.. again..

Tracy said...

It's bee-u-tee-ful Sharron! Love the soft colors. Great call on this one sweetie. :-) Hugs!

Christina C. said...

It's beautiful, Sharron! Love the vintage look. Great job with the font!