Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Blessing

Yippee Skippee!  I got my new car yesterday & here it is sitting in my garage.  Well it's new to me & as you can see it's been well maintained.  We bought it from the lady who runs my hubby's subcontrator's office.  We know her very well & were so very blessed when she decided to sell her car.  It's a year newer than ours (the one that got "totalled") & still looks brand spankin' new.

Check out the inside.  They even put seat covers on when they first bought it so we're the first ones to use the seats. LOL  The gave us a ton of paperwork on the maintainance.   As you can tell.......they took very good care of it.  They're so pleased that it's going to someone who will love it & take care of it like they did.

God is so good & we feel so very blessed.  Thank You Lord!!!

Just wanted to share my good news with my blogging buddies.  I hope to finish my next card by tomorrow evening.  We were gone all day yesterday taking care of the car business so no crafting time for me.   See you soon & thanks for visiting.

Huggies & Sweet Blessings ~♥♥♥~


Christina C. said...

You're right, looks brand new!!!! Great buy!!!!!

Donna Hanley said...

Sharron, This card is beautiful and looks just like a brand new car. It's nice to be able to get a car that has been taken such good care of. Best of luck with it. Looking forward to seeing your next card also.

Cyndi - YaYa said...

Yippee!!! Great looking car..

Tracy said...

WOW! That suckers clean as a whistle! LOL You did good my friend. What a blessing. :-) Enjoy! Hugs!

Brittanie Holderness said...

Congratulations on your new car! It does look great and very well-maintained. I always tend to think higher of a person, who takes very good care of their car because for me, it means they value the safety and comfort of whoever their passengers will be. Are you planning on putting seat covers as well?

Kyle Schmidt said...

Nice! It looks like a brand new car to me! I guess it wasn’t used that much by the previous owner or she just really knows how to take good care of it. Congrats on getting this car. I’m pretty sure you worked hard to get it! :D